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Becoming Coastal  is now available at independent bookstores in Canada (distributed by Red Tuque Books), Barnes & Noble in the USA.

It’s also available online in either print or ebook from Amazon and Kobo.

The print version is also available directly from the publisher, Seaworthy Publications.

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New Book by Alex Zimmerman

My book is about self-propelled travel and adventure on the coast of British Columbia. More than that, it’s also about nature, our wonderful coastal environment and our relationship to it, and about the interesting people that I have encountered. In this book, I share some of the wonder, joy, fear and awe I experienced as I explored the BC coast over the twenty-five years following my move here in the early ‘90’s. The boats that I designed and built, and the voyages I made with them, became portals to experiences that tested my mental and physical limits and taught me more about self-reliance. They introduced me to engaging people, revitalised my life and revealed ever more facets of the coast while I was learning what it is to become a coastal person.

Distributed in Canada by Red Tuque Books and available from independent bookstores

Endorsements for Becoming Coastal

“Alex Zimmerman’s absorbing account of his 25 years of exploring British Columbia’s vast coastline in human and wind-powered boats is more than a travelogue; it is a story of discovery, determination and love of place. As a long-time expedition paddler, I know how encounters with boisterous whales, stealthy cougars, and ambling bears can be simultaneously magical and terrifying. I understand the unpredictability—and the allure—of the remarkable places he visits, and writes so eloquently about. Join Alex in a land of double rainbows, midden beaches and glistening sea mammals. You won’t be disappointed!”
Susan Marie Conrad, author of Inside, One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage
“Becoming Coastal is an awe-inspiring collection of memories that describes a transformation from land-dweller to ocean adventurer. Passages call us alongside to hear of trials and errors, exhilarating achievements, and lessons learned. With each paddle stroke from his hand-made crafts, Zimmerman helps us understand the benefits and joys of traveling slowly, deliberately, and respectfully—and the inner growth that comes with it.”
Byron Ricks, author, & Maren Van Nostrand, illustrator, Homelands—Kayaking the Inside Passage
“Hello Alex. I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful writing in Becoming Coastal. It puts into words the magic we light keepers get to witness every day.”
Donna Kerr, Light keeper, Nootka Lightstation
“I recently finished your book for a second time and have to say, I believe it is undoubtedly going to be a coastal classic! . . . You have certainly had some great trips and captured a wonderful adventuring and exploring spirit.”
Colin Masson, Former Program Manager at Canadian Dept Of Fisheries and Oceans, Prince Rupert

Video recording of Zoom presentation about Becoming Coastal now online:


This slide show video shows some of the places and events chronicled in Chapter 13 of Becoming Coastal

 Becoming Coastal  is now available at independent bookstores in Canada (distributed by Red Tuque Books), Barnes & Noble in the USA, and online in either print or Kindle from Amazon.

It’s been a long journey to get this far, both on the water and at the keyboard.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my adventures with you!